Malignant edema

Malignant edema

Malignant edema is a quickly fatal disease caused by infection of the wound by a type of bacteria, clostridium septicum. It generally affects grazing animals, most commonly sheep, and other cattle. However, there are also cases of infection in human causing malignant edema.

The bacteria clostridium septicum is naturally present in the soil and in the intestines and excreta of animals all over the world. When the soil or substances containing it comes in contact with wounds in humans or animals, the bacteria enter the body through the wound. In humans, contact is usually by the handling of animals and raw animal products like skin.

Symptoms of malignant edema

The first symptoms of malignant edema can be seen very soon after the infection; it usually takes 6 to 48 hours for the symptoms to show. Early symptoms include hot, painful swellings local lesions at the points of infection, high fever, loss of appetite, a drop in milk secretion, severe depression, difficulty in breathing, convulsions, anorexia, and intoxication. These local lesions are soft to touch and pit under pressing with a bit of pressure.

They are formed by fluid buildup under the skin and, as such, they extend rapidly in size, and the color of skin in the affected area turns dark brown or blackish. The bacteria attacks the soft tissues and muscles, and these muscle infections can be very painful. Most infected animals and humans, if not treated early at the onset of the symptoms, die within one to three days.

Diagnosis of malignant edema

Clinical diagnosis or confirmation of malignant edema can be difficult at times because of its similarity to other conditions such as anthrax, septicemia, blackleg, and other gas edemas. The best chance of confirming malignant edema and avoiding confusing and mistaking it for other conditions is by laboratory test of samples from the patient.

Treatment of malignant edema

Even though administering antibiotics at the early stages of the disease is definitely helpful, the efficiency of the treatment is largely dependant on the time factor, and treatment after signs of advanced symptoms is often of no use to save a life.


Vaccination is available in the form of bacterins or clostridium septicum bacterin, prepared from the bacteria. Vaccination of cattle in high-risk areas should be ensured to prevent chances of animals developing the disease and infecting humans.

The living areas of cattle should be properly looked after to reduce chances of the animals or human beings getting their skin punctured in the vicinity. For example, nails sticking out, or sharp, pointed ends of timber can easily cause small wounds or punctures enough for the bacteria to infect. Even in such cases, the danger of exposure to the bacteria can be significantly lowered by immediate treatment of wounds or punctures. Such wounds should be immediately cleaned, covered and treated with antiseptic
or antibacterial medication.

Another successful preventive measure for humans is a habitual usage of rubber gloves and rubber boots or similar preventive clothing when working with animals. Regular usage of disinfectant on the person and the working area is also highly recommended.



The high fatality rate and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of the disease, educated awareness about the disease and knowledge of actions to take in case of exposure would mean the difference between life and death. Remember that false alarm doesn’t kill you, but failure to act in time could. So, after reading this article and understanding the possible symptoms of malignant edema, if you suspect the disease in your cattle or maybe yourself, seek professional help immediately.

How To Deal With Dark Skin

How To Deal With Dark Skin

Your skin color shouldn’t be the driving factor as you approach a skin care regime. Having darker skin doesn’t imply that you require special skin care products. So basically, no skin skincare product is specifically created for Asian/Latinas or dark-skinned women.

How to naturally care for your dark skin

Are you naturally dark skinned? Or do you have dark skin patches resulting from hormonal fluctuations, aging or harsh environmental conditions? Worry no more. There are many natural ways available and proven on how to deal with dark skin. These ways lighten your skin fast and easily without bringing about long term skin problems. You can even utilize anal bleaching for men. Check out the most effective whitening gel.

Top three natural skincare remedies for you

1. Lemon juice

If you need to experience a fast and positive skin whitening change, then this is the way to go. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C or ascorbic acid which serves as an antioxidant and whitens your skin color.


The process is simple, and almost everyone can adopt it. Just squeeze half a lemon juice and apply the juice obtained on the dark skinned patches (using a cotton ball). In fact, it is even better to allow the juice to stick on the skin by rubbing the cut lemon on the dark skin patches. You should then leave the area for at least hour then use water to wash it.
Remember to avoid these from direct exposure to sunlight as this might make your skin even darker than it was before.

2. Honey

Did you even have an idea that honey can turn your dark skinned and patched skin into a dream textured skin? Various enzymes found in honey help in maintaining a glowing and soft feel on your skin.

You can achieve this by combining honey with equal amount of milk powder and lime juice. Then add to this mixer some soaked almonds paste. Use the paste to the affected patches and allow it to dry. After about an hour, use warm water to clean it.

3. Aloe vera

ghdhgd74Aloe plant is widely known for having many beauty benefits. So, you can use cream/gel from this plant to minimize your skin tone.

How? Squeeze the plants gel by cutting it outer layers. Then apply the cream on you dark skinned patches. Allow it to dry for half an hour and then use tap water to wash it off.
Now you can imagine how cheap it is to lighten your skin. Though these remedies will not show immediate changes after application, a little patience won’t cost you much. In fact, you will be at no risk of pain or infections which, are major effects of using cosmetic products available in the health and beauty market.

Choosing The Right Doctor

Choosing The Right Doctor

Choosing the choosing the right doctor and the best dental clinic is an important process for any patient looking for high quality dental services. Prices are pretty high within most of the developed countries, so more and more people are searching for alternative destinations which offer a great medical environment and a fair cost for the dental procedures. Choosing the right doctor have a solid professional background and the services offered are irreproachable.

qsadPatients that go for one of the well-trained dentists benefit from flawless medical services offered by dozens of the clinics which are fully equipped with the latest technology and supplies. Choosing the right dentist is an essential aspect. The visit to the dental clinic is something that makes many people nervous. Being afraid of the pain or of the unknown is a normal thing. But there are obvious clues which can help you take the best decision.


The relationship between the dentist and the patient is extremely important. Without an open communication, based on trust and respect, the treatment will not be as successful as expected. The patient has to feel comfortable on the dentist’s chair and the dentist has to be convinced that the patient is sincere regarding his/her physical and psychological status. The dentist has to know how to explain different aspects, without using any complicated medical terms. Also, the doctor has to be patient and prepared to answer to all of the questions that the patient might have.


We are talking about your health here, so you have to be very careful at everything around you once you enter any dental office. You can’t scan with the naked eye how clean the office is, but you can notice some essential aspects regarding tidiness and hygiene. The instruments that are being used have to be sterilized no matter what. The dentist has to wear medical gown, gloves and face mask.


sdcsdfFew people are entering the dentist’s office without a little bit of fear. This can also be explained by some previous painful and unpleasant experiences. Nowadays, there are plenty of anesthesia options, so it’s impossible that you encounter serious pain.

In order to make the best decision regarding dental clinics and dentists, we advise you to get in touch with a professional team. For instance, contact a medical tourism company, such as, which can help you with all the relevant information and guidance.

What Is The Meaning Of Weight Loss?

What Is The Meaning Of Weight Loss?

Weight loss takes the whole thing of health, physical fitness and medicine; it can be defined as the decrease of the total body weight. This could be in the form of loss of body fluid and the loss of body fat or total body mass.

Importance of weight loss

Safe from some diseases

Losing weight prevent us from serious health problems like diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, some types of cancer and heart disease this is especially for a previously overweight and obese person. Weight loss happens when a person gains a negative energy balance that is the human body uses more energy from physical activities than it is normally gaining from food intake. In this case, fats stored in our bodies are used to produce the energy we use.

Makes our body flexible and stronger

asDFDFMedical practitioners advise that when change our eating habits, as well as increasing our physical exercises like regular exercises, jogging, walking or playing sports like basketball or badminton. These activities make our body gain more strength in doing things. It also helps our body to become highly flexible that is; we can do more activities without our bodies becoming tired and weak.

Prevent us from becoming Obese

Obesity causes major problems like high cholesterol, fatigue, high blood pressure and lethargy. And also, People who are obese tend to have a shorter life span than others who are in normal healthier form.

Higher self- esteem

Weight loss also has good effects on our emotional well-being. People who are overweight tend to have lower self-esteem. Their confidence is so low that it sometimes affects how they perform in sports, in school, in the office and even at home. Those who have undergone a very good weight loss say that they seemed to have regained their positive life back. They are much more confident in performing their activities. They look higher attractive than before. And they now have higher self- worth.

Does excessive weight loss have a negative effects in our lives
Makes our body weak and unsafe from diseases

wdsfgSDTo maintain good health in our weight loss and our weight loss routine should aim at losing fat inside our bodies and at the same time conserving the muscle and body fluids. This is why long- time fasting is not good at all because you are also losing body muscles, body sugar also tend to drop during these period and body fluid, making your bodies weak and more vulnerable to related diseases. Crash diet also has an equal effect as fasting. This is done by restricting yourself from all food except water for 12 hours. The aim of this diet is to consume as many fat as possible within a short period. The only problem is that you are also losing body fluid during this process. This is a short-time weight loss method and the weight lost will eventually return at the moment you resumed your regular eating behavior.