How To Deal With Dark Skin

How To Deal With Dark Skin

Your skin color shouldn’t be the driving factor as you approach a skin care regime. Having darker skin doesn’t imply that you require special skin care products. So basically, no skin skincare product is specifically created for Asian/Latinas or dark-skinned women.

How to naturally care for your dark skin

Are you naturally dark skinned? Or do you have dark skin patches resulting from hormonal fluctuations, aging or harsh environmental conditions? Worry no more. There are many natural ways available and proven on how to deal with dark skin. These ways lighten your skin fast and easily without bringing about long term skin problems. You can even utilize anal bleaching for men. Check out the most effective whitening gel.

Top three natural skincare remedies for you

1. Lemon juice

If you need to experience a fast and positive skin whitening change, then this is the way to go. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C or ascorbic acid which serves as an antioxidant and whitens your skin color.


The process is simple, and almost everyone can adopt it. Just squeeze half a lemon juice and apply the juice obtained on the dark skinned patches (using a cotton ball). In fact, it is even better to allow the juice to stick on the skin by rubbing the cut lemon on the dark skin patches. You should then leave the area for at least hour then use water to wash it.
Remember to avoid these from direct exposure to sunlight as this might make your skin even darker than it was before.

2. Honey

Did you even have an idea that honey can turn your dark skinned and patched skin into a dream textured skin? Various enzymes found in honey help in maintaining a glowing and soft feel on your skin.

You can achieve this by combining honey with equal amount of milk powder and lime juice. Then add to this mixer some soaked almonds paste. Use the paste to the affected patches and allow it to dry. After about an hour, use warm water to clean it.

3. Aloe vera

ghdhgd74Aloe plant is widely known for having many beauty benefits. So, you can use cream/gel from this plant to minimize your skin tone.

How? Squeeze the plants gel by cutting it outer layers. Then apply the cream on you dark skinned patches. Allow it to dry for half an hour and then use tap water to wash it off.
Now you can imagine how cheap it is to lighten your skin. Though these remedies will not show immediate changes after application, a little patience won’t cost you much. In fact, you will be at no risk of pain or infections which, are major effects of using cosmetic products available in the health and beauty market.