What Is The Meaning Of Weight Loss?

What Is The Meaning Of Weight Loss?

Weight loss takes the whole thing of health, physical fitness and medicine; it can be defined as the decrease of the total body weight. This could be in the form of loss of body fluid and the loss of body fat or total body mass.

Importance of weight loss

Safe from some diseases

Losing weight prevent us from serious health problems like diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, some types of cancer and heart disease this is especially for a previously overweight and obese person. Weight loss happens when a person gains a negative energy balance that is the human body uses more energy from physical activities than it is normally gaining from food intake. In this case, fats stored in our bodies are used to produce the energy we use.

Makes our body flexible and stronger

asDFDFMedical practitioners advise that when change our eating habits, as well as increasing our physical exercises like regular exercises, jogging, walking or playing sports like basketball or badminton. These activities make our body gain more strength in doing things. It also helps our body to become highly flexible that is; we can do more activities without our bodies becoming tired and weak.

Prevent us from becoming Obese

Obesity causes major problems like high cholesterol, fatigue, high blood pressure and lethargy. And also, People who are obese tend to have a shorter life span than others who are in normal healthier form.

Higher self- esteem

Weight loss also has good effects on our emotional well-being. People who are overweight tend to have lower self-esteem. Their confidence is so low that it sometimes affects how they perform in sports, in school, in the office and even at home. Those who have undergone a very good weight loss say that they seemed to have regained their positive life back. They are much more confident in performing their activities. They look higher attractive than before. And they now have higher self- worth.

Does excessive weight loss have a negative effects in our lives
Makes our body weak and unsafe from diseases

wdsfgSDTo maintain good health in our weight loss and our weight loss routine should aim at losing fat inside our bodies and at the same time conserving the muscle and body fluids. This is why long- time fasting is not good at all because you are also losing body muscles, body sugar also tend to drop during these period and body fluid, making your bodies weak and more vulnerable to related diseases. Crash diet also has an equal effect as fasting. This is done by restricting yourself from all food except water for 12 hours. The aim of this diet is to consume as many fat as possible within a short period. The only problem is that you are also losing body fluid during this process. This is a short-time weight loss method and the weight lost will eventually return at the moment you resumed your regular eating behavior.